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Apakah Osama Bin Laden Mengakui Serangan 11 September, dan Apakah Dia Meninggal Dalam Tahun 2001?

Osama bin Laden di Rumah Sakit



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21 As to why Blair claimed not to have the video, Osseiran, who accuses me of "excessive speculation," provides this explanation: "The most likely scenario is that CNN, who was very unhappy with the decision [by Al Jazeera not to air the video], informed the American government, and as a consequence, their cohorts, the British, of Al-Jazeera's position prompting British or American intelligence to steal the tape. The quotes from the tape in David Bamber's report of November 11 helped Al-Jazeera recognize the tape as their own and moved to prevent Blair from using it on November 14."

22 In a brief comment entitled "Response to Maher Osseiran's Critique of David Ray Griffin's Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?" History Commons, December 8 ('s-critique-of-david-ray-griffin's-osama-bin-laden-dead-or-alive), Kevin Fenton wrote: "You have to ask the question: why did Griffin not point out that the video whose authenticity he was questioning had been public for seven years? If one is considering claiming that a video is fake, would it not be wise to actually view and analyse it, and then discuss that analysis with one's readers? Of course, there is the possibility that Griffin remained unaware that the video had actually been broadcast, but this then says what about his research?" This second possibility is the case, and what it says about my research on this video is that it was woefully inadequate. Osseiran suggests, however, a different explanation, calling my error "intentional." His basis for making this charge was that "[t]he truth was available" to me, because it had been "pointed out to [me] on numerous occasions" by Osseiran himself. As far as I recall, however, our discussion, carried on by email, focused entirely on the video released December 13, about which he sent me several papers. I was unaware that he had, in a paper quoted in his critique – "Bush, Blair, and the Terrorism Shell Game," posted February 20, 2007 ( – briefly discussed the Al Jazeera interview. While preparing for writing this response to Osseiran's critique, I discovered that I had a copy of this article. But it contained no underlining to suggest that I had read it. I suspect that, having read several 2006 versions of Osseiran's argument about the December 13th-released tape, I assumed that this 2007 article would be simply one more version of the same argument – which it is for the most part – and filed it away without reading it. In any case, why Osseiran thinks that I, having known the truth about the video to which Blair was referring, would have intentionally engaged in speculation about it that could easily be shown to be false, resulting in embarrassment for me, I do not know (even given his assumption, expressed late in his critique, that I am a "mole," working on behalf of insidious forces).

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36 This would be true, at least, until the appearance of the "October Surprise" video of 2004. But it also, I argued in my book, shows multiple signs of being a fabrication.

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38 Osseiran even claims that I had "stated that [I] believed in [his] work to the point [of trying] to include it in 'Debunking 9/11 Debunking' and apologized by email for [my] failure to do so." However, the email statement from me that he quoted to support this claim merely said: "after I read Ed's essay and your latest version, I checked to see if I could modify my account of this video in my book somewhat but it was too late.
" Although Osseiran infers from that statement that I was "not only very familiar with the work but also a believer," my statement does not say that but merely that I would modify my discussion of the video. If I recall correctly now, I found his hypothesis interesting enough to write about, especially in light of Ed Haas's essay of March 7, 2007, entitled "Taking the Fat Out of the Fat Bin Laden Confession Video" (, which argued that distortions caused during the production of the tape could account for the fact that its bin Laden figure appeared too fat to be the real bin Laden. Adding a treatment of the Osseiran-Haas hypothesis would have been a significant modification of my discussion of this video, but it would not have entailed an endorsement of that hypothesis.

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89 In "Bin Laden's Confession; Is That What It Is?" Osseiran wrote: "The magnitude of 9/11 was not achieved by Osama bin Laden alone. He might have been the originator of the plan. He might have put his plan in motion. But the reason 9/11 unfolded is because it was allowed to unfold by elements of the global intelligence community and other segments of the U.S. government. That is to say that Osama bin Laden was enabled and his plan exploited by the very people that could have stopped it. Instead of preventing 9/11 once they learned of it, people like Dick Cheney decided to make it worse – to create their desired New Pearl Harbor to further facilitate their lust for a New World Order. One could argue that the first hijacking related to 9/11 occurred when the bin Laden plan was hijacked by those that could make WTC7 collapse – a building that bin Laden was not targeting."

90 These points were made in the testimonies of Cofer Black, Dale Watson, and Robert Mueller, September 26, 2002. See "Complete 9/11 Timeline," April 23—June 29, 2001: 9/11 'Muscle' Hijackers Arrive in US at This Time or Earlier" (

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93 If bin Laden had done research on this question, he would have found that fires, no matter how big and long-lasting, had never caused steel-framed high-rise buildings to collapse, even partially. He would also have learned that no partial collapse had ever resulted if the fire had been produced by an airplane crashing into the building (as when in 1945 a B-25 bomber struck the Empire State Building and created big fires and a hole 20 feet high (see Norman Glover, Collapse Lessons," Fire Engineering, October 2002 [ %20glover]). And he would have learned that a study of the damage that would be caused to the Twin Towers in particular by the impact of a large airliner, traveling at a high speed, would have consisted of "only local damage which could not cause collapse" (quoted in James Glanz and Eric Lipton, City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center [New York: Times Books, 2003], 131).

94 Lawrence is the editor of Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden (London and New York: Verso, 2005).

95 Lawrence made these statements on February 16, 2007, during a radio interview conducted by Kevin Barrett of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It can be heard at Radio Du Jour ( Osseiran mischaracterized Lawrence's position by saying that it was "based on Dr. Lawrence's 'friends' in Homeland Security," as if Lawrence were not, as a bin Laden expert, voicing his own opinion. What Lawrence said was that his friends in Homeland Security were of the same opinion.

96 OBLDA 36. Osseiran responded to this statement by saying: "I do resent the use of the word claim by Mr. Griffin as I do not claim, I state." Osseiran evidently believes that the word "claim" is properly used only to characterize assertions that are false.

97 OBLDA 36.

98 Osseiran's main example of my "cherry picking" is the fact that I quoted Ed Haas's report of a conversation he had with an FBI official (who admitted that the FBI "has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11") but ignored an essay by Haas that disagrees with my position on this video. "Cherry picking," however, involves citing only the evidence related to some issue that supports one's hypothesis while ignoring other relevant evidence that counts against one's hypothesis about that issue. This is a topic I have written about at some length: At the same time I was writing the little book on bin Laden, I was also writing my book on the NIST report about WTC 7 (The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7), a large part of which deals with evidence contradicting NIST's fire hypothesis that NIST had simply ignored. The principle of scientific method thereby violated by NIST, I suggested, could be phrased thus: "Relevant evidence should not be ignored." This principle does not entail that if you quote a particular author on one topic, you are obligated to refer to that author's opinions about other topics. If that were a rule, bibliographies would be impossibly long.

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102 For the video, see "911 Bin Laden at Rawalpindi Hospital September 10th 1 28 2002 CBS" (; for the text, see "Bin Laden Whereabouts before 9/11," CBS Evening News with Dan Rather," January 28, 2002 (


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