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Teroris Abu Nidal Adalah Mossad

[Abu Nidal the Terrorist' was really Mossad]

Israel Lays The Groundwork

Israel took Abu Nidal, created Black September, and used Hollywood to flood your mind with crazed Arabs. These terrorists, under their pseudonyms, 'Carlos the Jackal', Arab Liberation Front, etc., blew up airliners and terrorized innocent Jews. So, on Sept. 11, 2001, it was easy to believe that Arab terrorists orchestrated the attack.

There Is Very Little History On Abu Nidal

The Abu Nidal Organization had operated for over 30 years, and was responsible for over 900 deaths. Targets included hijackings, bombings, and assassination of troublesome Palestinian leaders.

Abu Nidal AKA Sabri al-Banna, was was born in 1937, and there are various versions of his history.

One version has his family losing everything, in 1948, to the Jews, and he drifted from refugee camp to camp. Another version has him as a son of an Arab mother and a Jewish father. He was outcast by his 1/2 brothers, and sisters, and was educated in Israel, and then Cairo.

Nidal Surfaces In 1969

He finally wound up in Saudi Arabia, where he started his terror organization, - Black September.

He worked out of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Lebanon. He supposedly died in August of 2002.

Author Patrick Seale wrote:

Abu Nidal was undoubtedly a Mossad agent. Practically every job he did benefited Israel.

Confirming Seale's theory are top Middle East terrorism experts, including intelligence officers in Arab countries, and even within Abu Nidal's own organization.

All the European and Mid-East terror experts agree that Nidal was Mossad.

He was a protégé of Menacham Begins ... ran free for 30 yrs ...used to kill unwanted Palestinians

Seale pointed out the senseless and extremely brutal attacks only benefited Israel. Nidal had two thrusts .... He killed Palestinians that were a threat to Israel, and hijacked American and European jets.

Seale's  hypothesis is based on four main points:
1 ------------ Abu Nidal killings have damaged the Palestinian cause to Israel's advantage.
2 -------------Only 10% of the victims were Jewish, the other 90% were bystanders.
3--------------The lack of attacks on Israel.
4 ------------- Lack of involvement in the Intifada, and Israel's failure to retaliate against Abu  Nidal's groups.


"Black September" hijacked four aircraft to Dawson's Field, a former RAF base in Zarga, Jordan, where they were destroyed.

Another aircraft, a Pan Am Boeing 747-100, was hijacked by two Palestinians and landed in Beirut for re-fueling. The hijackers then realized the 747 is too big to land on the short runway. Therefore, the aircraft was re-routed to Cairo, where it was destroyed.

The 1972 Munich Olympic massacre

Abu's organization, Black September, invaded the Munich's Olympic village, and took the Israeli Olympics team hostage. There was a standoff, and the Germans agreed to let the Nidal's operatives escape. They go to an airport were they are ambushed, and some of the terrorists were killed as well as 11 Israelis.

Israel has the Mossad assassinate the 11 Arabs connected, but don't touch Abu Nidal.

The odd part --- Abu Nidal killed from 1972 till 2002, and the Mossad never retaliated and killed him?

1976 ... Entebbe

Nidal's organization hijacked an Air France jet, and flew to Benghazi, Libya, where they released everyone but the Jewish passengers. Next they flew to Entebbe, Uganda, where Idi Amin ( an Israeli puppet), decided to help the hijackers.

Israel then pulled a rescue, portraying themselves as elite commandos, and the Arabs as despicable.

There have been three movies and eight books about the Entebbe raid.

abu_ni251982 Paris Restaurant

Nidal's group machine-gunned American tourists at Goldenberg's Restaurant in Paris.

Six people died, and 22, were wounded in the attack. Most of the dead were non-Jewish American tourists

1985 Athens

Nidal's group fired a rocket at an Alia airliner as it took off from Athens airport.

1985 Greece .. Sixty People Killed

Egypt Air Flight 648, departing from Athens, was hijacked, and an Egyptian air marshal engages in a  high-altitude gun fight.  The pilot landed in Malta for additional fuel, and when officials refused fuel, the hijackers start shooting passengers point-blank in the head.

The 30-hour hostage drama ended with Egyptian commandos storming the plane, triggering a bloody grenade and gun battle. Sixty more people died in the raid, including two hijackers.

1985   Egypt

Four members of Nidal's group hijacked a cruise ship, and threw Leon Klinghoffer and his wheelchair into the ocean.

The terrorists surrendered to Hosni Mubarak, and he flew them to safety. Reagan had F-14 Tomcats intercept the airliner, and force it to land in Sicily. The terrorists were released, and Israel never touched the ring-leader, because he was Mossad.

1985 Rome Airport

At the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome, Nidal's Black September teams machine-guned people at a ticket counter, killing 13 and wounding 75.

Austrian police killed one of the gunmen, and captured the others.

Video about attack

Second  Attack In The Vienna Airport

At the same time, another team in hits Vienna's airport killing three people, and wounding 30.

1986 Berlin At The LaBelle Disco

Mossad inserted two agents into Tripoli, who broadcasted bogus messages about an upcoming bomb plot. The CIA intercepted the broadcast , and listened for weeks, thinking they were Libyans.

Nidal's group planted a bomb in a popular GI hang-out, the La Belle disco. The Mossad killed two US servicemen, a Turkish woman, and maimed another 229 people.

Reagan bought into it, and bombed Libya as retaliation.

It took the US government 10 days to retaliate for the attack by bombing Libya - it took 15 years, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, to convict the attackers.

1986 Sudan

A Sudanese airliner was shot down by a Strela-7 missile. Nidal was believed to be behind this attack.

1986 Pakistan

Pan Am Fl 73  is hijacked by four armed men with Black September. It had 379 passenger on-board, and was en route from Karachi to JFK airport in New York.

As Pakistani security force tried storming the plane, Nidal's men threw grenades, killing 22, and seriously maiming another 150. The four terrorists were captured.

1986 A Jet Out Of Rome

Nidal's Black September hit a Boeing 727 (TWA Flight 840), flying from Rome to Athens, with a missile that did not explode. The plane landed ok. Mossad  agent  involved.

1986 A Synagogue In Turkey

Abu Nidal's organization attacked Istanbul's Neve Shalom synagogue, and killed 21 people.

1988 A Cruise Ship In Athens

Posing as day tourists, Nidal's group boarded a Greek cruise ship, the 'City of Poros'. They waited until it went out to sea, then pulled machine guns and grenades from their backpacks, and swept the lounges and deck areas.

Nine passengers died, and 98 were injured.

1988  Lockerbie Scotland

Abu Nidal's 'Black September' planted a thermite bomb in the luggage compartment of a 747, and plane explodes over Lockerbie.

Nidal's lieutenant , Atef Abu Bakr, testified " That ' Black September ' was behind it".


1996 A Jet Explodes Off New York

TWA 800 is 11 miles off NY, enroute from JFK  to Paris, when a bomb explodes. Eventually, Bush will disclose that Iran did this to promote his next war.

1998 A Mysterious Fire

A Swissair jet, was en route to Geneva from New York, when it suddenly caught fire, and crashed into the ocean off Canada

Oct 1999 A Suicidal Pilot

Egyptair 990 was 60 miles  from NY, enroute to Cairo, when a bomb blew up in the tail section. The NTSB called it suicide, and Egypt went nuts.

Sept 11 .....2001

The most brazen of all Israeli attacks.

Abu Nidal, created Black September, and used Hollywood to flood your mind with crazed Arabs. These terrorists, under their pseudonyms, 'Carlos the Jackal', Arab Liberation Front, etc., blew up airliners and terrorized innocent Jews. So, on Sept. 11, 2001, it was easy to believe that Arab terrorists orchestrated the attack.

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