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Perang Dunia Kedua

(The Second World War)
Oleh: Jan van Helsing
Sumber: Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century
Bab Tigapuluh Empat

Although hundreds of books have been written about the tragedy that was the Second World War, very few people know anything about what was really behind this costliest of all wars.


The history of war as it is told in countless history books in Germany, England , the U.S. and Japan has only little in common with the actual causes and objectives of that war. What is recounted is certainly correct, but half the truth has been omitted.

“The ‘picture painters' of the controlled mass-media have also done a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes (memperdayakan atau menipu) of those whom they are supposedly dedicated to inform and educate. These peddlers of deception have been guilty of reducing the minds of the general public to what has rightly been described as ‘a state of impotent confusion' regarding World War II.”  

(Des Griffin: Descent Into Slavery?)

  Slowly but surely the truth comes out now and a clearer picture of what really occurred is emerging. What we know of the war are the historical dates. Who, when, where, with whom did what. But those who actually pulled the strings are never mentioned.
After the Hitler-Stalin pact Poland was to be split up and Hitler proceeded to bring this about on September 1, 1939. According to the conditions of the treaty signed twenty years previously, (pro Illuminati) England and France were obliged to enter the fight on Poland 's side. After the “Dammerkrieg” (Twilight War) Chamberlain who was called a coward was replaced by the former Zionist Freemason CHURCHILL.  

He was a better collaborator and he soon ordered the air strike on Germany . Since the Germans never expected England to attack, they were not prepared. Several events show that Germany did not want to war with England.


In an address in 1933, Hitler said that in its fullest unfoldment, Communism would also contain the British Empire. In that case, Hitler added, he would help to defend the British if he was called.

So, on May 10, 1940, German troops did allow the English to evacuate 335,000 soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk . And with his flight to England , Rudolf Hess had tried to unit the two strongest northern nations. But Winston Churchill was a good friend of BERNARD BARUCH who had helped Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt to their presidencies.  

It was BARUCH who convinced Churchill to support the foundation of the state of Israel . In May 1939 Churchill ordered Colonial Minister Lloyd to withdraw the English troops from Palestine and to equip and organize the Jews for their own defense.

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