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Solusi Untuk Mengakhiri Krisis Timur Tengah Yang Tidak Pernah Berakhir

(Solution To The Never-Ending 'Middle East Crisis')
Take The Toy Away  
Oleh: Tony Malone

Ever since the day I was born, there's been news about a "Middle East Crisis". In my lifetime, every single day of it, there has never NOT been a "Middle East Crisis".

Can there ever be peace in the Middle East? The crisis began in 1948, when Israel was established. Israel is the crisis. The west had no "enemies" in the Middle East before that. But now, everyone there (except, allegedly, Israel) is our enemy. What are Israel and its many enemies fighting over?  Ancient Holy SitesPlaces where patriarch Abraham and his wife and son and grandson were supposedly buriedPlaces where gods and angels once appeared to people's ancestors (what a story!)Pieces of land promised by these gods to their followers (!!). These are ancient Arab patriarchs and sites.  But Israel decided that these were THEIR patriarchs, and wrote a book called the Bible which is supposed to prove it. In the last century, people who refer to themselves as Jews convinced themselves that they are descended from the Israelites of the Bible, and then convinced themselves that the Palestinians never existed before, and that they had a right to go take their land. They decided the Palestinians are newcomersinterlopers and interferers in the great plan written by the Israelites in their Bible. According to that book, the Holy Sites belong to the Israelites; anyone else who ever claimed them is long dead and forgotten. The Bible says that Israel (all the Middle East) is to house the one pure Israelite race. All other races are to be removed from the area and forgotten.

Now, of course, most Jews don't go along with this sort of thing. But certain Jews, loyal to certain parts of the Bible and the Talmud, definitely believe those sites are to be theirs and nobody else's. And the same goes for Muslims. The Koran tells them that these are THEIR Holy Sites. And Jews are definitely not supposed to have control over them or even be at them. Most Muslims have no desire to kill anyone, especially over a piece of land. But then there are those orthodox ones who take their scriptures very seriously. As long as there are extreme believers on both the Israelite and Muslim sides of this picture, each believing that their shrines must be protected from the other, and neither side willing to compromise, there can never be peace. A shared Holy Site will be perpetually infuriating to both sides, each of whom has sworn to keep the shrine pure. They will never be able to worship privately with their gods, because the "filthy" neighbours will be constantly trotting in and out. If we need any proof that we are not an advanced species, this is it. If we ever thought we were some kind of masterpiece of God's work, we need only look at religion to see how stupid we really are.

There's only one solution, with two final options.

When a parent or child-care worker finds that children are fighting over a toy, and they just cannot peaceably share it, the toy has to be taken away. "Go play with something else." You put it on a high shelf where they can't see it or get at it, and eventually they happily go play with something else and forget the toy. After a few days, if you offer it to them again, and they immediately start fighting over it, you have to take it away again. And if this happens a few more times, the toy has to become history.

"It's gone. We don't have it anymore. Forget about it."

Now, if it's a precious toy, like a family heirloom, or valuable in some other sense, you hide it away until the kids are older and they can appreciate it and take care of it.

But if it's mass-produced commercial crap that can never even carry sentimental value, you throw it out.

"It's gone. You guys fought over that stupid thing so much I burned it and fed the ashes to pterodactyls. Just forget about it!"

This is the only answer to the Middle East Crisis. The toy must be taken away from the insane little boys who are killing each other over it.  But we're talking about a big toy. How will we take it away? It would be easier to take the children away from the toy. But of course they'll just go running back to it, so that won't work.

Solution #1: Clear everyone out of the area (I don't like killing people) and blow the place up. Make Israel into a big hole, very deep. Anyone who still wants to fight over the hole can go down in the hole...but NO WEAPONS. If they want to fight over this hole, they'll have to use their hands. We'll toss a few sandwiches in and hope they kill each other. And then, the rest of the world will live in peace.

The two problems with this solution:

A - It will reduce the amount of space available for the people who remain, who might prefer to keep the whole place intact. But they may not mind - the absence of Israeli tanks and bombs might make it worth the price. As long as Israel exists, they'll never have that space anyway. The upside is that it will create a lovely new lake, a second Dead Sea, as that basin spills into the hole. This will make it difficult to throw the fighters in - perhaps the water should be damned up until they're in the hole and then the waters should be released. So there's more compensation.

B - The worst result: It would destroy ancient sites that should be preserved forever and only touched by archaeologists. And this is unacceptable. But here's an important point:

The Bible orders that all the peoples of the Middle East, except the Israelites, are to be not only destroyed but completely forgotten. How can we accomplish that? Destroy all the ancient sites so there's nothing left to find. The destruction of Iraq, including valuable ancient sites ruined right in front of archaeologists' eyes by American bulldozers (who didn't HAVE to use those areas for bases)the current destruction of Lebanon, especially Baalbek and other incredible pieces of our past, are being plowed under to make way for a gaudy new pan-Middle-Eastern-all-Israelite mall.

The Middle East is one of the most precious areas on the planet, archaeologically speaking. A hundred thousand years of human history is buried there, waiting for us to look at it. Instead, the thugs known as Israel and America are blowing it all up, often going after specific sites, seemingly on purpose.

So the only solution is this: ALL people of violence must be prevented from living in that part of the world, or even visiting there. Israel must be exposed - its weapons, its lies, its illegal prisoners - and shut down. The government of that country will be among the people thrown into the hole. Palestinians, who have been forced to be violent, will be given the chance to calm down, but those who remain violent will also have to go into the hole. There are good Jews. There are good Palestinians. There are good, innocent, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Iranians, Saudis, Yemenites, Egyptians.

Religious fanaticism is no problem for anyone as long as it's peaceful. Peaceful religious fanatics don't want anyone drilling in their sites, but at least they'll preserve them. Israel and America seem bent on ruining everything, all posterity, all Middle Eastern human history. So, clear out all violent people, specifically the American and Israeli governments, and cut off all support from places like Britain and Canada and other Zionist strongholds. Clear out the fighters and religious and political leaders of ALL sides who encourage hatred and violence, whether they speak with the support of Yahweh or Allah or Jesus or Molech; leaders who profit from their own followers' strife.

"Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt? And for all the little piggies life is getting worse, always having dirt to play around in. Have you seen the bigger piggies in their starched white shirts?

You will find the bigger piggies stirring up the dirt; Always have clean shirts to play around in. In their sties with all their backing, they don't care what goes on around. In their lives there's something lacking. What they need's a damn good whacking. Everywhere there's lots of piggies living piggy lives. You can see them out to dinner with their piggie wives, clutching forks and knives to EAT THEIR BACON." (George Harrison, writing about corporate overlords in "Piggies")

Let only the peaceful, of all denominations, of all races, have the Middle East. Let only the responsible have charge of precious ancient lands. No one else can be trusted.


Tony Malone, Author, The Bible For People Who hate The Bible, Books 1 & 2 ,

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